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Chain Reaction #1: Launching Inter-Blockchain Communication (Agoric and Cosmos)

This article is a transcript for the IBC chain reaction #1. It was a zoom video session about the updates on the status and journey of IBC, the ecosystem and development pipeline for the next few months. You can find the video link here: We think it’s very important let people know the details and history […]

Chain Reaction #2 — Getting IBC Hackathon Ready

This article is a transcript for the IBC chain reaction #2. It was a live video session to give updates on the development process of IBC and Cosmos Hub. You can find the video link here: If you miss the previous session, you can find the transcript for Chain Reaction #1 here P.S: This is the literal transcription […]

Chain Reaction #3 – Cosmos SDK IBC demo

Orbital Communications is a bi-weekly Cosmos community update that gives token holders, validators, and all levels of stakeholders a look inside what’s being developed for the Cosmos Network. The Cosmos Network is a secure and scalable blockchain ecosystem where thousands of decentralized applications interoperate to create the foundation for a new token economy. Cosmos solves […]

The journey of Regen’s incentivized testnet “regen-test-1001” and what lies ahead

Regen network recently published the highly anticipated results for its incentivized testnet, which was operational for 4 months. In this post, we’ll look into the purpose for hosting an incentivized testnet and the goals accomplished by the Regen dev team and the overall community. So let’s dive into the journey of Regen network’s first incentivized testnet, named regen-test-1001. regen-test-1001 did […]